Silverleap Technology

Silverleap Technology is a global provider of secure mobile NFC and contactless payments. Our products and services deliver convenience and simplicity with strong security at a price you will enjoy. Our solutions include virtual stored value cards on mobile devices, mobile top-up, online or offline electronic wallets, plus merchant
and device management solutions. We are fully geared to deliver a complete solution stack for you. We can deliver next-generation NFC solutions that are minimally intrusive to your existing technology ecosystems

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Mobilising Mass Transit

We believe in the power of the mobile and mobility. To be effective, mass transit ticketing and top-up solutions need to be simple, fast, convenient, expandable, reliable and secure.Our NFC & contactless payment solutions meet and exceed demands for now and the future.

Transparent Transactions For Social Welfare & Aid

We provide a comprehensive technological ecosystem for automating distribution of financial and non-financial welfare or aid. Our solutions offer you the ability to trace the flow of your aid payments to ensure that donations reach their designated recipients.

Driving Contactless Roll-Outs

We have 30+ years of management experience in contactless and payment services. We offer you innovative solutions that have both the technology and process, for what you need today and in the future.