In 2009, a small group of tech entrepreneurs from Hong Kong took over the assets of an innovative NFC solutions company, and founded what is known today as Silverleap Technology. The objective was to design and build a cost effective and easily deployed highly secure advanced contactless payment solution.

With our headquarters and innovation center in Hong Kong, Silverleap Technology brought together an international team of experts in the field of contactless payments and NFC.

Today, after many hours of hard work we have succeeded in building a suite of some of the most secure mobile NFC payment solutions currently available in the market today.

Our NFC & Contactless payment solutions incorporate the latest technologies and proprietary patent pending security infrastructures to ensure an exceptionally high level of security.

​We offer you the flexibility of working with multiple devices such as EFT POS’s, mobile POS’s and mobile phones for transaction acquiring and easy integration into any existing payment ecosystem across multiple verticals.

The successful large-scale deployment of our solution in the following areas is a testament to our knowledge and commitment and to the exceptional benefits of our solution.

Automated Fare Collection System for public and private transport in Sri Lanka (Touch) Electronic Social Benefit Card for the Ministry of Economic Development in Sri Lanka (Divi Neguma)
​HCE based mobile transit ticketing solution for Causeway Link, Malaysia.
Mobile payment solution for the St. Petersburg Metro in Russia

SILVERLEAP Technology is a certified Thales e-Security ASAP and Visa Technology Partner. We have over 30 years of payment systems and payment technologies management experience. This means we have the expertise and resources to create a solution that matches your needs perfectly. please contact us at info@silverleaptech.com to learn more.