Dayan Bandula

Principle Solutions Architect

Dayan carries with him over 16 years of extensive working experience in software development. His nickname ‘the Magician’ represents the gifted technical genius who is able to understand and resolve complex technology related challenges.

He is skilled and has experience in a large array of business domains such as:

● Retail payment processing and micro payment processing.
● Smart card, tokenization and NFC based solutions.
● Tamper evident/ tamper resistant data protection systems.
● Stock trading.
● E-commerce and mobile commerce applications.
● Trusted Service Managers (TSM).
● Telco back-end systems.

Dayan is able to critically evaluate a problem which gives me the space to conjure up solutions that are ‘out of the box’ and long lasting! He currently lives in Colombo with his wife and daughter, and is a big fan of the band UB40 and enjoys watching kung fu movies.