Silverleap Salutes Just One of Our New Partnerships in 2016 – Manila’s ‘tap and Go’ Beep™ Transport Card

beep™, Manila’s popular tap and pay card, is now accepted in 80 of the famous Family Mart convenience stores across the Philippines capital thanks to Silverleap’s technology.

From December 7, beep™ cards can be used to pay for goods and be reloaded in Family Mart, which is the second largest chain of 24-hour convenience stores in the world, with over 80,000 branches the Philippines. Until now, beep™ cards were only for train & bus payments.

This technology success was achieved by Silverleap Technology Ltd, working closely with AFPI, a consortium of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) and Ayala Corp. that operates the Manila Automatic Fare Collection System under the Philippines public-private partnership program.

Silverleap’s innovative TraQ™ contactless transaction acquisition platform, combined with world class smartcard engineering skills, has delivered the first acceptance of the beep™ card outside the transit network and signals a major evolution in consumer payment services in Manila.

“We are thrilled to be part of the beep™ card network as its first ever retail partner said Manuel C. Alberto, President and General Manager of Philippine Family Mart CVS, Inc.

“I think there is demand and interest among consumers and drivers to have one card that’s accepted everywhere, and we would like to be the one,” said AFPI president and chief executive officer Peter Maher. There are currently over 2.5 million beep™ cards in circulation.

“This special launch on December 7 clearly demonstrates the power, flexibility and trust in Silverleap’s technology, by major market players, for integration into the retail payments sector”, said Patrick Henzen, founder and chief executive officer of Silverleap Teachnology.

Silverleap is a specialist provider of Trusted NFC Solutions and Services. Founded in 2009 it is well known in Asiapac and the Middle East for designing and implementing secure transport and contactless payment solutions for our clients.

“This is it, the wait is over! Now, you can save time fumbling in your bags or pockets for change because FamilyMart has started allowing cashless transactions through the beep™ card said Tere Ancheta, official spokesperson for AFPI.

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