A top-up and post provisioning management solution for stored value cards

Silverleap: Juice

Silverleap:Juice (Juice) is an innovative and patent pending solution, designed and developed by Silverleap. Juice enables a NFC enabled Android mobile device to be used to top up a stored value card. Built based on our extensive knowledge and experience in developed and developing markets of stored value cards and their operations, Juice is bound to revolutionize the way stored valued cards are topped up.

Juice is non-intrusive, safe, secure and most of all, easy to implement and use by the service provider as well as the cardholder. Juice uses a proprietary security architecture and cutting edge technology to ensure security and ease of use.

Juice is more than top-up

Apart from the top-up functionality, Juice can also help the card issuer/ service providers with the following:

  • Over the air (OTA) smart card personalization.
  • Post issuance provisioning solutions.
  • Micro payment acceptance/ money transfer.

Juice – KeyVault HSM

All Juice card update routines are executed inside the Secure Execution Environment (SEE) of a Thales HSM. This requires:

  • Implementation of the top-up definition in the HSM
  • Installation of the top-up software.
  • Key Ceremony to load the top-up keys to the HSM.

Juice – CloudPay

CloudPay controls and manages network services for Juice and it connects to:

  • The source of funds from where the user gets the money to load onto their card.
  • Subscriber and card management system of the transit operator.
    • Subscriber accounts, card balance synchronization.

Juice – Mobile Library

The Juice Mobile Library is used by service providers to either build a standalone top-up application or to incorporate top-up into their existing consumer applications.