Juice is a revolutionary and innovative piece of technology that is unique to Silverleap. It’s a mobile top up provision that uses state of the art technology to make topping up your stored value cards a breeze!

The technology that drives Juice has been carefully designed and developed by our team, providing the ultimate top-up and post provisioning management solution for stored value cards. Basically Juice gives power to any NFC enabled Android mobile device to be able to top up the user’s stored value cards via an app. Juice uses a state of the art security architecture and cutting edge technology distinctive to Silverleap, which is non-intrusive, safe, and secure. Although Juice is a complex piece of technology, one of its features that it’s easy to implement by the cardholder and the service provider, and can be simply executed.

Watch as Juice transforms and revolutionizes the world of Stored Value Cards.

Silverleap Technology Juice

Pushing the Boundaries….

Juice is designed and built to be more than just a top-up card. It can also help the card issuer and service providers with:

● Over the air (OTA) smart card personalization.
● Service solutions after the cards are issued.
● It’s built to handle micro payments and also transfer money from one end to the other.