Patrick Henzen

Founder / CEO

Armed with 20 years of valuable experience in high technology industries across 3 continents, Patrick Henzen is a pioneer in NFC technology and is currently one of the primary drivers in the Asian Pacific market.

Patrick is the CEO and co-founder of Silverleap Technology Hong Kong, originally trading under the name of Orik Payment Solutions, Sri Lanka which deploys and operates an Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) and contactless payment solutions and services in Sri Lanka.

His career was rooted in Philips in 1998 in business development for Digital TV in the USA based out of San Jose, California. He then moved to NXP in Graz, Austria and has been acknowledged as a forerunner in the industry. He displays a vast and in depth knowledge on NFC Technology among other things. He has been recognised as a person who has the vision, talent, and the right attitude to make strategic partnerships and deals happen in very complex ecosystems, and multicultural environments..

He is quite passionate about using his knowledge and the growing knowledge bank of the industry to create lasting solutions as well as new and innovative concepts.

Patrick is an ardent sports enthusiast, and when he is not working can be founding delving into the world of sports news. He also hopes to be involved in angel investing and mentoring other budding entrepreneurs in the future.