Silverleap Technology Joins the Trustonic Partner Program and Develops the World’s First Transit Card Based on Trustonic Trusted Execution Environment for Secure Hce Virtual Transport Cards

Silverleap Technology uses Trustonic TEE to ensure security on all transactions on mobile devices.

Hong Kong and London, United Kingdom, 17th November 2015, Silverleap Technology Ltd., a leader in Near Field Communication (NFC) and Host Card Emulation (HCE) solutions, announced today that Silverleap has joined the Developer Program from Trustonic, the leader in Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) currently active in over 450M mobile devices and today releases its new innovative product ‘Silverleap Zap’, the worlds first HCE based virtual transit card using a Trusted Execution Environment.

‘Silverleap Zap’ is a virtual card solution that uses the strong security of Trustonic’s TEE. ‘Silverleap Zap’ allows public transport travellers to quickly and easily download the Zap application and have a virtual card in their phone to finally realize the benefits of NFC card emulation. This means your phone becomes your travel card. This is the first time that a stored value virtual transport card has been implemented as a commercial solution using the new HCE technology in Android combined with TEE security.

“Collaborating with Trustonic allows Silverleap to focus on what we do best.” Patrick Henzen, CEO of Silverleap Technology, said, “We deliver state of the art NFC innovations to the mass transit industry. With Silverleap Zap we are offering for the first time, direct, simple and easy ‘download and run’ virtual cards for consumers, whilst maintaining strong security thanks to Trustonic’s TEE”.

“Silverleap Zap is a world first, and opens the consumer NFC market to Transit Operators around the world”, said Mathew Smith, CTO of Silverleap, “Zap, firstly secures all sensitive key and card data, and secondly executes all cryptographic process securely, inside the Trustonic TEE. Zap also incorporates our patent pending technologies for security and remote top-up. It is a genuine breakthrough for the Transit Industry worldwide.”

“Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment has brought increased security to a wide range of applications from card payments, authentication and secure finger print recognition to date” said Trina Watt, VP Marketing from Trustonic. “Bringing together this proven hardware solution with Silverleap’s NFC and HCE knowledge – enables transport travellers to benefit from increased ease of use of virtual travel cards.

About Trustonic
Trustonic integrates a new level of security directly into the connected devices closest to us, by integrating secure software with secure hardware that lays at the heart of your devices. Trustonic provides each device with a set of unique keys, which enables you to manage the multiple service identities you choose to run on your devices. We call this a Trusted Execution Environment that is engineered for service providers to place their trust in your devices. It isolates and protects sensitive assets such passcodes, fingerprints and certificates, all of which enrich, expand and accelerate your digital life with a seamless user experience.

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