We have 30+ years of management experience in contactless and payment services. we offer you innovative solutions that include both the technology and process, for your needs today and in the future.

We live and breathe NFC & contactless payment solutions and are passionate about implementing the latest contactless, NFC and mobile payment technologies that meet your needs.

  • We invest heavily in research and development to ensure we offer the best technology solutions to our clients.
  • Many of our solutions have been built to cater for the challenges faced by emerging markets, however, the root of all our solutions holds on to tight security, efficiency and scalability.
  • We help our clients with the technology selection and advise them on the business processes and revenue models.
  • We share our experience in implementation so that our clients can minimize mistakes and errors.
  • We offer our clients multiple business and operations models to work with so that they can acquire and deploy the solutions easily and confidently.

As well as creating and delivering winning solutions, we are also service operators in some of the markets we operate in Many of our contactless payment solutions have been built to cater for the many challenges faced in emerging markets, offering tight security, efficiency and scalability.