A secure transaction acquisition platform

TrAq is secure transaction acquisition platform that is capable of securely acquiring contact/ contactless transaction from a range of POS device such as EFT POS, mobile POS and mobile devices for clearing and settlement. While TrAq has its own clearing and settlement module, it can be easily integrated with any existing clearing and settlement solution with ease.

​TrAq is highly scalable and utilizes HSM and SAM modules for enhanced security. TrAq also offers a secure library on the POS devices that abstracts the SAM from the business application.

TrAq supports both on-line and off-line transactions acquiring, with playback ability for off-line transactions.

TrAq is highly modularized and also has:

  • On-line electronic wallet for micro payments.
  • Card and balance management modules.
  • Mini fraud management module.
  • Comprehensive merchant management module.

At present, TrAq is commercially deployed in Sri Lanka for the automated fare collection system as well as the electronic social benefit card project which has over 1.5 million users.