TrAq is a state of the art transaction acquisition platform that provides solutions that are based on expert knowledge and years of experience. TrAq has the ability to easily obtain and manage contact and contactless transactions from a range of POS device such as EFT POS, mobile POS and mobile devices.
Although TrAq has it very own clearing and settlement processes, it can also easily be integrated with any existing clearing and settlement solutions.
Silverleap has designed and built TrAq into a powerful instrument that goes beyond just being an acquisition platform.

Simply put Traq:

● Is a fully functioning fare collection and micro payment system.
● Has systems in place to handle device management, from the registering process to maintaining POS machines.
● Is able to manage stored value cards from issuing the cards to even making changes in the card’s structure remotely.
● Has state of the security infrastructure for all its systems which has been carefully designed by our team.
● Has the ability to be transformed into a powerful payment instrument.

Although TrAq is quite structure in its design it’s also flexible enough to support both online and offline transaction acquiring methods.

Traq is:

● On-line electronic wallet for micro payments.
● Card and balance management modules.
● Mini fraud management module.
● Comprehensive merchant management module.
Currently, TrAq has been commercially installed in Sri Lanka for the automated fare collection system as well as the electronic social benefit card project which has over 1.5 million users.