A virtual stored value card solution for mass transit & micro payments

Silverleap: Zap

Silverleap: Zap is multi-protocol, HCE based stored value card emulation solution designed and developed by Silverleap for mass transit and micro payments. Even though Zap focuses on mass transit and small value payments, it draws a number of features from Visa’s cloud based payment specifications, EMV tokenization specification and uses patent pending, propriety security architecture for enhanced security and service delivery.

​Zap, which is a natural extension to the Juice solution, will zap your stored value card onto a mobile!

The Zap Advantage

Apart from the top up functionality, Zap can also help the card issuer/ service provider with the following:

  • Easy issuance of personalized virtual stored value cards.
  • OTA smart card personalization.
  • Post issuance provisioning solutions.
  • Micro payment acceptance/ money transfer.
  • Potential recurring revenue on card issuance.

Zap – CardVault HSM

All Zap virtual card creation and management routines are executed inside a Thales Hardware Security Module (HSM). This requires:

  • Implementation of the card structure/ definition in the HSM.
  • Installation of the Zap software.
  • Key Ceremony to load the virtual card keys to the HSM.

Zap – CloudPay

CloudPay controls and manages network services for Zap. CloudPay connects:

  • The source of funds from where the user gets the money to load onto their card.
  • Subscriber and card management system of the transit operator.
    • Virtual card creation and issuance.
    • Subscriber accounts, card balance synchronization.

Zap – Mobile Library

The Zap Mobile Library is used by service providers to either build a standalone virtual card application or to incorporate virtual card into their existing consumer applications.