Zap is a unique and powerful extension designed by Silverleap that allows a transit card to be stored onto your mobile phone. Currently Silverleap is the only company in the world to have the knowledge and expertise to design and develop a system that allows a transit card to be stored in a mobile phone.

Zap has systems in place that allows the value of your stored value card to be kept in your phone. It’s the ultimate virtual stored value card solution for mass transit and micro payments. Zap also uses a number of features similar to Visa’s cloud based payment specifications, EMV tokenization specification and patent pending, proprietary security architecture for enhanced security and service delivery.

The Zap Advantage

Apart from the top-up functionality, Zap can also help the card issuer and service provider:
● Easily supply personalized virtual stored value cards.
● Provide post issuance provisioning solutions.
● Handle micro payment acceptance and money transfer.
● With potential recurring revenue on card issuance.

Silverleap Technology Zap